Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today I am going to tell you another useful tip to promote your Facebook Fan page which will surly help you a lot.

Use your Facebook Page URL as email signature:-

You should use your Facebook fan page URL as a signature in your email. It will increase the probability of increasing your page views and likes. Now you might be thinking that how it will work. Read the following steps and benefits then you will understand.

Insert your Facebook Page URL in signature

How it works?

It will works in many ways like when you send the mail to someone, when some one forward your mail to someone other and so on.

Sending of Mail relation with Facebook Page Promotion:

You send many mails per day. It might include business deals, official works, social media, school, college friends etc. When you send your email it will include your Facebook page address as a signature which will promote your page.

Further Forwarding of your Email:

If your mail is official work which have to forward then your colleague will further forward it to others and your Facebook page URL will spread every where which will increase your audience and traffic. 


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