Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to get Organic Reach of Your Posts?

How get Organic reach for your posts

Now a days the hot topic of search engines is "How to get organic reach of my Facebook Page" or "How to increase Facebook likes" etc. which is related to Facebook. Today I am going to tell you the most authentic, easy and valuable methods and tricks which will increase your Facebook page's post reach.

Make a fake account of Female:

First of all to have to make a fake account with gender female. It is because people usually easily accepts friend requests of females and also you will receive several friends request in a day. You should make account very carefully so that no one can judge that it is fake ID. You should select the profile picture of some real person. You can Google it or can search your self on Facebook.

Increase your Friends As Much As You Can:

Now you have to increase your friends as much as you can. First of all send requests to people your self but don't send large number of requests it may block your account. Once you send requests to some people you will automatically get several requests just accept it. You have to reach your friends about 2000 to 4000. when you complete then advance toward next step.

Share Your Page Posts from Fake Account and get likes:

Now you have a fake account, have many friends, and people will surly likes, share and comment on your posts in this way you will get organic reach of traffic for your post. So just share your page's post from this fake account and get organic reach!


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