Saturday, March 29, 2014

What kind of facebook page should I select?What kind of Topic should you chose?

The first thing which required attention is the topic of your page. Here is the type of pages which gets most likes commonly.
  • Entertainment
  • Fan Pages
  • Artist of Public Figure
  • Community
  • Brand or Product
  • Company, Organization or Institution


               Entertainment pages gets most likes and people usually take much interest in entertainment pages. It has further much categories like Funny, amazing, Interesting, Poetry etc. From these sub categories mostly Pages on fun leads, After that usually poetry gets most likes and than amazing and interesting. If you are making the page of entertainment than I suggest you to select fun categories if you want to get large number of likes.

Fan Pages:

          After entertainment it comes Fan pages which gets most likes. If you are making the page of some star than you have to choose the person which is most popular in your country and you should know about it and you have to post latest news of him. Fan falling pages easily gets many likes.
It includes Film stars, Athletes, Politicians etc. You can select any sub-category in fan pages as it depends upon you that which person do you select. Film stars, Athletes and Politicians all can get much progress. I suggest you Film star of Athlete like Football player,Cricket player etc.


Community pages comes on third number according to my observation but it can go on top if you have large community. The community including Boys and girls gets most likes or you can make a community page which is the hot topic like Blogging, Facebook, etc. Mostly Community pages on religion gets most likes. Like Islam, Allah, Muhammad (P.B.U.H), Jesus etc.

Brand Or product:

          Brand or product pages will simply get likes if the brand or product is popular or peoples take interest in it. But if you are starting your Brand or Product than Facebook page is the hot source of your progress.

Company, Organization or Institution:

           Company, Organization or Institution pages are used to advertise Company, Organization or Institute. Mostly the companies which make Facebook pages has also a website or blog and they make all this to just advertiser their business.

So you should make a Entertainment, Fan page, or community if you are a social person, If you are a business man than you should make Brand or Product, Company, Organization or Institution pages.


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